Friday, 26 August 2016

Sunny days making things

Remember I said I'd been making lots? Well, I've been making so many things I haven't had time to post! Sorry...

How about these little beauties, as a taster?

Is it warm where you are? It is so hot here (stop sniggering, those of you from hot climates!!) that you don't want to do too much. So, lots of cool drinks and summer frocks (the boys look real pretty in those!) on the menu.

Talk soon!

Friday, 12 August 2016

Roses are red. And yellow.

I now have more than 250 posts on my Istagram page! I have been a busy girl!

Talking of which, here is a preview of some upcoming necklaces:

I have been making a lot of things lately, so watch out for lots of new things in my Etsyshop.

My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary and we went out for a lovely meal. He also bought me two bunches of roses! Well, he couldn't decide whether to go for 'romantic' deep red, or my favourite colour (yellow) so chose both...