Friday, 14 November 2014

Six weeks

Did you know it is 6 weeks to Christmas today? With that in mind, and having ruined your day with that little bit of information, I have started adding Christmas cut-off dates to my Etsy listings. For your information, last ordering dates are:

28th November for oversees orders
15th December for UK orders

Tomorrow I am looking forward to doing some jewellery-making and I have an idea for a pendant I want to try out. For those of you wondering where I do my making, I’ll show you my little workstation.


Yes, its pink. I have no idea why I wanted it pink, I think I had a moment of girlie-ness…

The table was given to us, and I thought it was adorable. My husband offered to paint it for me while I was at work, and added my shop logo to the front, which was a lovely surprise! There is also a funny story connected with the painting…

Wanting good light to paint the logo, my husband sat himself on the floor of our living room in a lovely spot of sunshine. There he was, surrounded by newspaper (in case of drippage) and paint, and was so engrossed he didn’t notice the cat wandering up to say hello. And happily trailing through all the paint…

Poor puss! She couldn’t understand why she was being chased all round the room in a unsuccessful attempt to stop the spread of paint that went everywhere… I gather she wasn’t too happy at having her paws washed, either!  

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