Saturday, 14 May 2016

Knotted necklaces

I have – finally – got to grips with the new art programme and have now started to add my new products to my Etsy shop. Below is a preview of a few of my new Bohemian range, in the form of four knotted hemp and shell necklaces. These were super fun to make!

Since the English have a preoccupation with the weather, I'm going to regale you with stories (or possibly, a story!) of how our glorious summer has turned back into winter. Because it has. Summer dresses are back in the wardrobe and winter woolies are back on. Well, not quite, but it is back to being cold again. I hope your weather is better!

Oh – and I was on the bus the other day. Our buses have a few seats at the front for less able passengers. You can use them, but are supposed to give them up if somebody else needs them more. I think the wording is something like, 'for disabled or elderly'

Well, I was sitting at the back, minding my own business, when this old lady got on the bus. Eventually. Poor thing looked to be about 110, and she staggered to the aforementioned seats and plonked herself down. After she'd collected herself, she started reading the reserved- seats notice and said to herself, ' Hmm. That's not me...'

And up she got, and staggered off to the back of the bus!

That amused me all day...

I hope your day is fun, too!

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