Saturday, 25 June 2016

Polly is all grown up!

Who is Polly, I hear you ask? Is it my daughter? Uh... no. Polly is my shop mannequin. What? Doesn't everyone give names to inanimate objects?

Last year I needed a mannequin to display my necklaces properly, and the only one I could find at the time was one in a frothy pink frock. With spots on. Very pretty, but not terribly practical – the lace kept snagging up the necklace cords – so reluctantly, I decided to give her a makeover. Something simpler, pretty but plain, and something that didn't compete with the designs I wanted to show off. You can read the amusing story of how we acquired the original Polly outfit here.

It was quite a battle getting the dress off, mind you. I wanted to save it in case I decided to put it back on her one day, but it was a real game-and-a-half. Not only was the dress stitched on to the mannequin, but it was glued on as well! I eventually got it off, mostly intact, so I should be able to reinstate it should I choose to, and with only a new seam or two to show the difference....

Anyway.... here is the The New Outfit!!!

New necklaces will be photographed on the new outfit, and the current ones will slowly be phased out as they expire.

I think it looks more professional, and hopefully shows the products more clearly.

What do you think?

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