Friday, 23 February 2018

I have returned with more clipons!

Here we are again. What do you mean? Who am I? Well! Disappear for a few weeks and... Oh, right. Sorry, things have been kinda busy with family things, things to do with the new house, Christmas things, life things, behind the scenes shop things...

But. I have been making. Lots of things, in fact! We've been trying to find a nice day to take some new product photographs – the light in England fluctuates wildly, and by the time you get everything out and set up, the sun hides behind a cloud, moves across the sky so you have to move the equipment, or it rains, at which point you give up and go and make a cup of tea. (This is our go-to answer for every ill that befalls us. Somebody will always put the kettle on!)

In addition, I've been wanting to try another new look for the shop. Something clean and simple-looking, and you will see that being wheeled out over the next few weeks.

Last year I trialled a new series of clip-on earrings, and they went really well! Therefore I have made a whole batch of new styles, and here is the first set of pictures of my new range. More coming soon!

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