Wednesday, 30 January 2019

January and its cold

How's the new year treating you all? I hope you aren't affected by all this cold weather we're having. At least where I am its cold, but we have no snow (at the moment, anyway, though it is forecast) and I've seen reports of the awful weather some of you are having to cope with. I hope you and yours are keeping safe and warm.

With the shop to run, and having to make jewellery a season or two ahead of time, I should be thinking Spring/Summer now. I do struggle a bit to feel in mood for those halcyon summer days when its flipping freezing, or Christmas things in the blazing June, for that matter! I do, of course, still add to the stock if I get a whim for a summer necklace actually in summer, but in normal circumstances it is too late to go through the taking-pictures-and-listing process in time for you to be able to buy it at the right time!

However. I have made a lovely batch of lightweight acrylic summer necklaces, so here you go:

Also, a quick reminder, given how often I post (or don't, as the case may be) here - you can follow me on my other social media if you want to check that I haven't, you know, died.

I do post latest products there, obviously, but not just that. On Instagram I post local views (I use the hashtag #rosebaycountry for that) pets, the garden, silly vegetables or whatever else I fancy. On Twitter I retweet a lot of stuff, mostly anything fun, quirky, or interesting.  And for those that aren't aware, I am a closet Geek, so fandom stuff will often sneak in there, too...

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