Thursday, 14 January 2016

Still cold!

It's still cold, but at least I have been able to make some earrings, so that's an improvement. This time of year is always awkward, but I'm hoping that things will improve as the year gets going and starts to warm up. Before Christmas it was quite mild for the time of year and our daffodils were starting to appear above ground. I bet they're regretting that now!

Bead trivia: Two cobalt blue glass beads found in bronze age burial sites in Denmark from around 3,400 years ago were originally from Egypt, experts believe, and arrived there via ancient trade routes. You can read the article here

I'll leave you today with John Updike's poem, called January. Enjoy!


By John Updike

The days are short,
The sun a spark,
Hung thin between
The dark and dark.

Fat snowy footsteps
Track the floor.
Milk bottles burst
Outside the door.

The river is
A frozen place
Held still beneath
The trees of lace.

The sky is low.
The wind is gray.
The radiator
Purrs all day.

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