Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Categories, Christmas and Captains

With my head full of new Christmas products, and knowing it is only 102 days to go, I decided to give my listing categories in my Etsy Shop a bit of an overhaul. I have less categories, but many are now divided into smaller sections. So, for example, instead of 28 items in my Steampunk section, I now have 21 items under Steampunk necklaces and 7 under Steampunk earrings, and I think this might make it simpler for my buyers (or browsers!) to find their way around.

Here is a picture of four of my current necklaces:

And things that have made me smile since my last post:

Spending a lovely day with my daughter indulging in a little (or a lot!) of retail therapy!

And hearing that John Barrowman could be returning to Dr Who as Captain Jack Harkness! Sadly, Torchwood was not as good as it could have been, but Captain Jack made it worth seeing. Sometimes, anyway...

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