Monday, 19 September 2016

Vegetable Ivory

95 days to Christmas! If you want to keep track of that deadline yourself, you can do so here

I've recently discovered the wonderful tagua nut. It comes from a palm tree that grows in the rainforests of South America – Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Brazil. It contains a liquid that will eventually harden and looks like ivory. In fact, it is regarded as a viable alternative to elephant ivory, and is used by many artisans nowadays in their crafts and carvings – earning its nickname of 'vegetable ivory' – and helping to save our precious elephants. And because I love effalumps, I'll share this fabulous picture from Ravi Patel:

Take a look at my Tagua nut necklace – big, chunky, and wonderfully tactile - and now in my Etsy shop.

And what's been keeping me happy since my last post?

There's that lovely elephant picture, for a start!
We went to see the new Bridget Jones film and it was very enjoyable. The scene in the hospital had me in tears it was so funny!

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