Friday, 2 December 2016

December already!

It is only 21 days to Christmas!

I have now made 350 posts in my Instagram account! Not bad for a technophobe, is it?

How's about some purty earrings? Czech glass, Indian glass, Steampunk, Christmas – lots of different ones!

Check them out in my Etsy store!

I've got some Christmas Trivia coming up for you on the run-up to Christmas, but for a bit of fun today, how about a Christmas Alphabet?

Christmas Alphabet:
Advent, Angel
Bells, Bethlehem, Blitzen, baubles
Camels, candles, carols, Christmas, chimney, child, cranberries, cake, crackers, cards, chestnuts, Chrimble,
Dasher, Dancer, Donner, decorations
Elves, Ebenezer, eggnog,
Fireplace, festive, feast, Frankincense, frosty.
Garland, gifts, goose,
Holly, holiday,
Ivy, icicles, infant, inn
Joy, jingle, Jesus, jolly,
Lights, Lapland
Magi, manger, mincemeat, myrrh, mistletoe
Nativity, noel, Nutcrackers,
Odin, oranges
Partridge, Prancer, presents, pudding
Reindeer, Rudolph, religion,
Stocking, Santa, Scrooge, shephard, sheep, snowman, snow, sleigh, spirit, solstice, star
Tree, tinsel, tidings, turkey, toys,
Winter, wonderland, Wassail, Wenceslaus,

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