Monday, 19 December 2016

Christmas Trivia

5 days to Christmas! Is everybody ready?


The shop is now on a short break for Christmas. It is too late to post anything and I need to concentrate on organising our festive preparations. I am so looking forward to Christmas!

Since there is not a lot happening on that front, I thought it might be fun to do something different today. Most of us like trivia of one kind or another, and many of us like Christmas, so how about a little compilation of Christmas Trivia?

The Three Wise Men – A well-known aspect of the Christmas story, except that the bible never actually states the number of wise men.

Jingle Bells was written by James Lord Pierpont. It was originally called 'One Horse Open Sleigh' and was actually created for Thanksgiving entertainment for a Sunday school in Georgia. 
Mince pies – these were originally made from minced meat, fruit and spices. Back in the time of the Tudors, these used to be called 'shred' or 'shrid' pies. It doesn't seem to matter much what the meat was, either. Rabbit, mutton, and beef were all used, and in the 16th century many recipes used 'neats' or beef tongue. 
Boxing Day traditionally gets its name from the practice of giving money (or sometimes gifts) to the needy, or those in service jobs. Priests used to open the church's Alms (or charity) boxes on December 26 and distributed funds to the poor. 
'Good King Wenceslas Looked Out On the Feast Of Stephen' - The Feast of Stephen is another name for Boxing Day. St Stephen was the first Christian martyr, who died in 34 AD.

Happy Christmas, everyone!

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