Friday, 26 February 2016

Pearls and necklaces

It is so cold today... and as I have been making some summer necklaces recently, its been a little bit surreal! Pictures have been done, so here is a preview of some of my upcoming necklaces and pendants, shown on our new sea-theme design board:

These will be added to my Etsy shop soon.

Gem Trivia

The largest pearl ever found was the Pearl of Allah – now known as the Pearl of Lao Tzu – and was discovered in the Philippines. It is not, technically, a gem but is instead a 'clam pearl' from a giant clam. The pearl measures 24 centimetres in diameter (just over 9 inches) and weighs around 6.4 kilos (14lbs) Imagine that on your finger!

Today's Quote:

Creativity takes courage – Henri Matisse

Creativity takes courage.
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Creativity takes courage.
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